Project Description


On the Move is a wellness initiative of Peacemaker International, a charity operating from West Bowling Centre, Clipstone Street, Bradford. The project encourages socially excluded and isolated people (especially people from BD5 & BD4) to come out and get engaged in community affairs, including gentle exercises, indoor games, massage, walking in the park, health proficiency training that enables people to spend less and save more on healthy food.

The project started last year when a 75-year old African man died alone at home and not detected until after 5 days. Decomposed! Clients receive holistic support, including one-to-one support, group work, home visit for those who are house-bound, shopping and befriending. Clients are contacted regularly by staff and group members.

The group meets at Peacemaker International’s office to interact with one another in a friendly atmosphere. We specially encourage disadvantaged isolated people who live in the inner city of Bradford, including depressed, bereaved, disabled, unemployed and those living in poverty, regardless of their ethnicities, faiths and male/female to come on the project and enjoy our service. Coming out and interacting with other people will enable our service users to benefit from the use of modern technologies, including social media, digital skills such as online shopping. Survivors of domestic abuse and the sick who are lonely and depressed can benefit from the project, as the need arises.

One aspect of the project is funded by People’s Health Trust from 51 community interest companies raising money to address health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales through The Health Lottery. The other aspect is supported by Big Lottery Fund through Awards for All Light Pilot to focus on African Elders and Friends who are located all over Bradford and district, as a community of interest, while the former is confined to a limited area of Bradford.

Recently, we celebrated the 90th Birthday of one of our elders, a member of the African Elders and Friends group. When Mama Clarissa was 90 on 18 December 2015, everyone was rejoicing and she also prayed for the group, especially the young ones, wearing her African native attire. At 90, she still cooks her own food and lives at home! She runs away from sugary food and has been teaching us various ways she uses aloe Vera.


Within six months, we have already got more than 30 names on the list and one-third of these have started to meet or benefit from the project. We are currently intensifying our quest to reach out to those who may need our help, by doing a mapping exercise of African elders in Bradford and district.